We’ve all had bad movie experiences in our lives.

Whether it happened to be in the movie theater (remember those?!?!) or an at-home viewing, seeing a real stinker of a movie can be a bummer because you spent money on it AND you’ll never get that time back again.


The people who wrote these one-star movie reviews might have a few screws loose, though, because some of their reasoning for NOT liking a particular film is totally whack and definitely out of left field, so to speak.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy these very entertaining movie reviews!

1. You blew it!

And then you blamed it on the movie!

2. This is incredible.

The nerve of some people…mind-blowing.

3. This is very deep.

You should be a film critic! For real!

4. You should’ve stuck around for the end.

You would’ve loved it!

5. This movie watcher seems a little bit paranoid.

Dabbling in conspiracy theories.

6. “There wasn’t any aliens.”

I could’ve sworn Neil Armstrong saw some…

7. Well, now I have to see this movie.

It looks amazing!

8. Hahahaha. Wow.

Maybe he was lying to you?

9. This film needs to be renamed NOW.

This is an excellent point.

10. Lose the jeans, bro.

This ruined the entire experience.

11. You might be right.

He does seem to keep finding himself in these situations.

12. I think you rented the wrong movie.

Next time, look a little bit closer.

13. Can’t handle the subtitles.

I ain’t reading no movie!

How about you?

What movies do you think are real stinkers and only deserve one star?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know!