The world isn’t a perfect place. Heck, it’s hard to get through a single hour without at least some little thing going wrong. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t appreciate perfection when we can find it.

These 15 photos may very well be the closest we can get to perfection on this planet.

1. Filigree.

Photo Credit: Instagram

2. Dora!

Photo Credit: Reddit: Pootthong

3. Why is this so cool looking?

4. A perfect square of rabbits.

Photo Credit: Reddit: Qurave25

5. Lighting up the whole ocean.

6. Not a single person on board.

7. Dazzling.

8. Worm in a welcome mat.

Photo Credit: Reddit: mista_nite

9. Only nature could make something so pure.

10. Straight out of a cartoon.

Photo Credit: Reddit: LambeauLeapt

11. A single tree.

12. Blocks of color are always satisfying.

13. “Goodnight.”

14. Many work hours were lost on this one.

Photo Credit: Reddit: scaffelpike

15. Ice fence.

Photo Credit: Reddit: jd101506