Graphic design isn’t easy. Whether you’re making a logo for a company or a sign for your lemonade stand, a lot of factors go into making a sign as comprehensible as possible. When signs are well made, we don’t give them a second thought. But when they’re poorly made? Well, that’s when we dedicate an entire list to them.

Enjoy these 12 signs that are so bad, it’s tough to tell what they’re even trying to say.

1. Well, we weren’t worried about it until you said something.

Photo Credit: Reddit: ghkddbsgk

2. Um.

3. Will there or won’t there?

Photo Credit: Reddit: manby

4. My brain hurts.

Photo Credit: Reddit: Citizen_Ken

5. “Men because women…”

Photo Credit: Reddit: verianne

6. No questions here.

7. Either way, I think we’re in trouble.

Photo Credit: Reddit: Lolawolf

8. Is this an endorsement of drugs?

Photo Credit: Reddit: acookie2


Photo Credit: Reddit: INTP36

10. “The Joel With McHale Joel Show McHale.”

11. Free donations? Nice try, kid.

Photo Credit: Reddit: BossMabel5

12. Hi, Call. Nice to meet you.

Photo Credit: Reddit: QuinnJet