People are strange…and maybe Millennials are even stranger than your average human!

It’s possible, right?

Well, whatever the case, all I know is that these folks did a lot of embarrassing things when they were growing up and now it’s time to embarrass the hell out of them for it.

Does that sound like fun, or what?!?!

Let’s start now!

1. It was brutal out there back then.

And this really caused a lot of issues.

2. This is how it used to work.

It’s all true!

Photo Credit: Facebook

3. Looks like a historic artifact.

What year is this from?

This Is What Facebook on Mobile Looked like 12 Years Ago
byu/SillyActuary innostalgia

4. Let’s bring back the old days!

You know you miss them!

5. I’m still mortified for you.

A whole lotta work back then…

6. You remember them well…

Don’t try to lie to us!

7. No one has forgotten this.

And we’ll make sure they never do…

8. You don’t know the struggle.

It was tough back then.

9. What’s wrong, Caleb?!?!

You have to call me right now!

10. You were so cool.

There was no holding you back!

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

11. Chuck Norris memes were all the rage.

I still like Chuck, by the way.

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

12. And this was one of the best memes out there, friends.

That’s Bill O’Reilly, by the way. A really great guy, look him up.

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

Pretty embarrassing, don’t you think?

And now we want to hear from you.

Tell us about some of your humiliating stories from growing up in the comments!

We’d sure appreciate it!