Oh, Millennials…you used to think you were so cool, didn’t you?

With your angsty attitudes and your uneven emo haircuts…you really thought you’d never, ever look back on your younger days and feel embarrassed, because you knew it all, right?

WRONG. It’s judgment day, my friends.

And we’re about to take a painful trip down Memory Lane that you are not gonna like…not at all…

But, this will be an important part of the healing process, so let’s get it over with, okay? You are now free to look at the painful evidence…

1. Every single night out was like this.

You know this ain’t no lie!

2. What a time it was.

A great time to be alive!


3. Gotta write emo lyrics everywhere.

And that included your shoes, don’t ya know?

4. Still haunted by this.

And maybe a little bit embarrassed…

5. You were really putting it all out there.

Hey, it was an emotional time.

6. Wow. This is peak late ’90s.

I remember it well…

7. Let’s bring it back to the old school.

Are you ready for a trip down Memory Lane?


8. I can’t hear you!

This was a good way to trick folks out there.


9. I DO NOT remember this.

But I’ll take your word for it…

10. Yeah, that was rough.

Enough already! We can’t take it anymore!

11. You did what you had to do.

And you needed to hear that song!

How about you?

What did you do with regularity when you were younger that makes you feel pretty embarrassed these days?

Talk to us in the comments! Thanks!