Meet These Former Chunky Kitties Who Are Now Skinny

(C)Unsplash,Michael Sum


A lot of us out there could stand to lose a little bit of weight, and that sometimes goes for our pets, too. Having an overweight pet makes them sluggish, slow, disinterested, and is just a bad idea for them overall.

It can be very hard to shed those pounds, but once you get them off, it sure is a great feeling!

We should all make a commitment to do the best we can to keep our pets as healthy as possible. Because they deserve it!

Now, let’s meet some cats that had a lifestyle change and are looking better than ever!

1. That is one Fine Boi.

Don’t you think so?

Dechonkafication has succeeded. We have reached Fine Boi. 😸 from Chonkers

2. Not a full loaf anymore.

And we love it!

My senior rescue boy went from full loaf to slice of bread! from dechonkers

3. That’s great progress.

Keep it up! You look great!

Chonk Progress from Chonkers

4. The diet worked for Muffin.

She definitely still likes to lounge, though.

5. A big improvement.

We like what we see!

6. Definitely hunky.

No doubt about that!

Chunky to hunky! Down 7 pounds since coming home. from cats

7. Chasing the dog around really works.

It actually works wonders!

Pinky the Hutt lost the weight chasing a pupper around from aww

8. Half the weight is gone.

I’m sure she’s much happier now.

My cat lost half her weight over 12 years from cats

9. A long journey.

But it was definitely worth it!

A cat’s 4 year weightloss journey from aww

10. We’re all proud of her!

Way to go, kitty!

From heckin hefty chonk to small chunk. Proud of her chonkin progress from Chonkers

11. Love the name.

And I love the weight loss!

Danni Devito’s weight loss progress! from cats

12. Mr. Pickles!

Stickin’ to that diet really worked.

Way to drop the weight, guys and gals!

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Introduce us to your kitties and doggos and tell us a little bit about them!

We look forward to hearing from you!