13 Cats Who Went From Being Chunkers to Totally Lean

(C)Unsplash,Lloyd Dirks


Although pets that are big chonkers sure are cute, we should also admit that it’s not healthy for them.

Yes, they look totally adorable, but you know deep down that the extra weight they’re carrying means they’re not living their best lives. It mostly likely causes them health problems, slows them down, and it’s just a bad idea overall.

That’s why it’s important that we help our cats lose that weight so they can run, play, and, of course, nap while also being lean and healthy.

Let’s meet these former chonkers and see some before and after pics!

1. A great transformation.

Way to go!

The only transformation pic I will allow from pics

2. Blessed and highly favored.

This is great!

Before – Fat, dirty, breathing problems, and unable to clean herself. Now – Blessed and highly favored. from dechonkers

3. Good ol’ Tommy Boy.

Hittin’ the weight room.

Tommy Boy has been successfully dechonked from dechonkers

4. Lean and in charge.

Instead of just “large”.

From almost 20 lbs to 14 lbs. He’s a larger cat than normal but now he’s a lean, large cat. from dechonkers

5. A former big boy.

Change his name to Little Tony.

Rehomed this little big buddy a little over a year ago.. meet Big Tony. from dechonkers

6. The diet worked!

Lost half his weight.

Adopted this cute and (very) overweight kitty a few years ago, put him on a diet and now he’s less than half the weight of when I first got him! from aww

7. Dechonked. For good.

That was one big kitty!

Dechonkification? Completed it from Chonkers

8. If you got it, flaunt it!

Why not, right?

She’s proud of the post-diet bod. from cats

9. Looking slim!

Watch out, ladies!

He went from 20 to 14 pounds! from aww

10. Better late than never.

You did it!

Stan has successfully dechonked at 10 years old! He’s got a long life ahead of him ❤️ from dechonkers

11. Went down a few sizes.

And that’s a good thing!

Mister Weez was always my big chonk. After a year of diet and exercise, he’s now my small/medium chonk. from aww

12. What a handsome boy!

Love the bow tie!

Look at my handsome boy’s progress from Chonkers

13. WOW. That’s a HUGE cat.

WAS a huge cat, I meant.

Good job to all those former chunkers!

Now we want to meet your pets! Dogs, cats, gerbils, ferrets, all of ’em!

In the comments, share a pic and introduce us to your cats and dogs.

And tell us a little bit about them, too!

Please and thank you!