If you spend a lot of time around dogs, you’ll learn a lot of things.

You’ll learn that they all have their own unique personalities and you’ll also learn that they like to sit in very weird positions sometimes.

And they like to sit in odd positions and just stare at us, like they’re looking for approval.

Hey, dogs are weird. And humans are weird, too, so it’s a perfect combination!

Let’s take a look at these funny pooches!

1. Like a champ!

I love this!

2. One normal, one…not so much…

But they seem like best buddies.

3. Totally weird, LMAO.

Gotta love that font.

4. Riding shotgun.

Riding in style…

5. Am I a human?

What am I?

6. Love this little guy!

Are you comfortable?

7. Laid baaaaack…

With my mind on my money and my money on my mind.

8. Sits like a chicken.

This is hilarious.

9. Large and in charge.

A big, husky boi.

10. Enjoying the sunshine.

Look at that pose!

11. Hahahah. A great one!

I’d love to hang with this pooch!

12. Get a load of Bash.

Good boy!

Now that we’ve seen what those pooches can do, we want to see yours!

In the comments, share some funny photos with us and tell us all about your furry friends!

We look forward to hearing from you!