No doubt about it, mechanics have interesting jobs.

They get to deal with folks from all walks of life and they see new things every single day.

And some of the things they encounter are just plain WEIRD.

Take a look at these pics that highlight exactly what I’m talking about…

1. You definitely don’t see this every day.

What are the chances?!?!

Aircraft. Pilot landed with his breaks on. from Justrolledintotheshop

2. This is what brilliance looks like, people.

Just let it sink in…

Ladies and gentlemen, we have achieved peak engineering. from Justrolledintotheshop

3. That sure doesn’t look good.

How weird is this one?

Big brain time from Justrolledintotheshop

4. Spice things up a little bit.

I like the looks of this!

Cam in for an appraisal to trade in and get the mirror cap replaced. hand painted a pterodactyl. from Justrolledintotheshop

5. I think I might have an idea…

How long did you drive on it for?

“My tyre light came on and I’m not sure why” from Justrolledintotheshop

6. This is just bizarre.

It’s like an alien life form, also known as ALF.

Technically a carryout since it isn’t rolling anywhere. from Justrolledintotheshop

7. Yikes! Now you have to get rid of that car.

Just leave it on the side of the road somewhere…

C/s vehicle doesn’t stay running from Justrolledintotheshop

8. Never seen this before!

Better get ready for winter.

C/S to install new tire. C/DNS that the tire was filled with water in sub-zero temperatures. Had to cut the sidewall out with a Leatherman to get the tire off the wheel (after breaking the ice with a sledgehammer). from Justrolledintotheshop

9. I see what you did there!

I’m glad this didn’t hit a person.

Good post or bad post? from Justrolledintotheshop

10. He’s having a rough first day.

You okay down there, buddy? He’s gonna need a few days to get the hang of things.

Who’s the new guy? from Justrolledintotheshop

11. This is what a burned out clutch looks like.

Learn how to drive stick before you buy a car with one!

21′ jetta 1.4 with 1300 miles. Probably the 6th clutch I’ve done in the last month. What makes people buy standard cars when they clearly don’t know how to drive stick is beyond me. from Justrolledintotheshop

12. I think you misspelled something.

It sounds like you’re talking about a beer.

NO BRAKE LITES from Justrolledintotheshop

How about your job?

Do you ever have to deal with some crazy stuff?

Or some crazy customers?

Tell us all about it in the comments! Thanks!