Remember those date nights before you got married? Those evenings were hot, sultry, and full of romance.

Now that you’ve tied the knot? Maybe not so hot anymore…

Sleep! Now that’s exciting!

Enjoy these hilarious tweets about how date night…kind of fizzles out after you get married.

1. So happy together.

2. Sounds like a blast.

3. Hmmmmm…

4. In sync.

5. That’s a date, right?

6. Maybe in 12 years.

7. That is HOT.

8. Very romantic.

9. Now you know.

10. Oh, how things change.

11. Doesn’t seem equal.

12. Time to get $1.50 off.

13. Pay attention to the tenses.

14. Can we go home yet?

15. A picnic at home.

Tell us about your last date night with your spouse.

We want to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly!