If there’s one thing you can count on from kids, it’s that they’re going to ask ridiculous and inappropriate questions at the worst times.

Hey, their filters aren’t fully developed yet, so give them a break.

Let’s see some perfect examples of this…

1. Now I feel dumb.

2. That’s a great question!

3. Need some help with this one.

4. Someone needs to patent this ASAP.

5. All ‘Frozen’, all the time.


6. She’s already annoyed about it.


7. Brilliant!

8. I’d like to go there.

9. Not yet…

10. It is like a church.

11. I can’t answer that.

12. Makes you feel old.


13. Better get it for them.

14. Fight club.

15. An interesting concept.

Now, we know that those of you out there with kiddos have A TON of these kinds of stories.

Share them with us so we can laugh at your embarrassment!