Are you ready to take the edge off, friends?

I know I am!

It’s hard to stay positive with all the constant bad news we’re bombarded with, but we still need to laugh, people!

Without laughter, we just turn into depressed animals and we only dwell on the bad stuff.

So let’s brighten our day together with some funny jokes and observations about the crazy times we’re living in, shall we?


1. Let’s reassess our priorities here.

Are the Toilet Paper Wars over yet?

One toilet roll per day keeps the doctor away from facepalm

2. That didn’t last very long.

Hey, he really needed that Twix, okay?

3. Do I know you?

You look very familiar.

4. That’s very depressing.

Let that one sink in, people…

5. She’s baaaaaaack.

She’s never leaving, apparently.

Does anyone know else want some Corona from technicallythetruth

6. My hands are falling apart!

You should still do it, though. Just sayin’…

Corona be like. from memes

7. This is the state of the world right now.

The whole thing is upside down.

More coronavirus memes! Everyone wants those right..? Epic… from memes

8. Zing! Sad, but true.

We’re #1…and it’s not a good thing.

9. Now it’s getting ugly.

Who will be banished from the house?

This house ain’t big enough for the six of us from memes

10. That is a very interesting class.

All kinds of characters in there.

Corona funny from dankmemes

11. The memes are really coming in hot!

Nothing like a crisis to get the meme folks out in force.

Made this to reduce some stress from memes

12. This guy knows what’s up.

Wear a mask!

13. There’s also this…

You can deal with it.

It can get quite foggy from memes

Now we want to hear from all the readers out there!

In the comments, tell us how the pandemic has impacted your life.

We hope all of you are staying safe and healthy out there!