Is this thing ever gonna end?

I’ve been asking myself this question on a daily basis and, while it is depressing to dwell on it, I guess if you can’t laugh at your misery in life, it makes things even harder, right?

But it’s okay to cry, as well!

So if you need to, just let it all out.

But first, make sure you laugh at these posts about this total disaster that we’re currently living through.

Enjoy! And be safe out there!

1. Let that sink in…

Now it’s up to you to decide…

2. Imagine that?

Wouldn’t that be something if it happened here?

3. Stay home if you can.

Or, at least wear a mask when you head out.

4. I think this might actually work.

Guys…pay attention.

5. Seriously…stop complaining about it.

Makes my blood boil.

To the Karen’s that can’t wear masks. I have asthma and work 13 hour shifts in this. from pics

6. I think you have, too!

Admit it…you want one.

I believe I have created the perfect mask. from funny

7. They’re not messing around.

And you shouldn’t be, either!

Quote me. from WhitePeopleTwitter

8. How quickly things change…

What a crazy time we live in…

9. You still have time…

Maybe a whole lot of time.

10. Makes a lot of sense.

Paranoid much?

maybe Coronavirus was made to kill people like these from memes

11. What a nice dining experience!

Looks like a blast.

12. About the loss of taste…

That’s not a good thing. FYI.

13. Let’s go party!

Actually, don’t do that yet, okay?

14. I love this!

Let’s make this an official sport.

How are you holding up these days?

Give us a life update in the comments!

And remember to stay safe and be kind to each other! We’ll get through this together!