It seems like there are about a million animal photographers out there on social media, but I gotta say that Masayuki Oki has to be one of the best out there.

The photographer is based in Japan and he uses his camera as a tool to show the rest of the world what life for stray cats on the streets of Tokyo is really like.

And Oki always seems to capture the funniest and most revealing moments of these adorable and playful felines.

Enjoy this collection of Oki’s photos and talk to us on the other side in the comments!

1. Get a load of these two!

Cuteness overload, right here.

2. Look what I found!

This little fella is pretty excited.

3. Everybody come over here to stay warm.

How cute is this?

4. Reaching out for a little TLC.

How could anyone possibly resist that face?

5. Just found a snack.

And I don’t think the fisherman even noticed. Score!

6. Take a long morning stretch.

Ahhhhh, that’s better…

7. Out for an evening stroll.

This guy looks like he knows his way around town.

8. Showing the young ones how to do it.

This is totally adorable.

9. There’s a lot going on in this photo.

You better run for it!

10. Looks like a nice place for a snooze.

I think this will work just fine.

11. Soaking up the sun.

Well-fed and ready for a nap.

12. Two bosom buddies.

Just out for a leisurely walk.

Well, those are certainly delightful, aren’t they?

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