Now, this guy might just be the epitome of COOL.

James Maina Mwangi lives in Nairobi, Kenya and, as you’re to see, he really stands out in a crowd.

His colorful outfits turn heads everywhere he goes and he’s really not lacking for any variety. Mwangi says that he has 160 suits, 300 hats, and 200 pairs of shoes.

And he’s always color-coordinated. ALWAYS. His shoes, suit, hat, and even his mask are always on point.

And, wouldn’t you know it, Mr. Mwangi even thinks that he’s the most stylish man in Africa…or maybe even the world…

He might be right…let’s take a look.

1. I need to take some pointers from this guy.

Actually, we ALL need to take some pointers from this guy.

2. Get a load of this get-up!

He is lookin’ sharp as hell!

3. Hey, even the matches his suit!

And so does his phone!

4. Pretty in pink.

You, sir, are “killling it”, as the kids would say.

5. The mean green machine!

I love this one!

6. I gotta say…you look good, sir.

Even the mask is great!

7. Float like a butterfly…

Sting like a bee…

8. The purple people eater.

Get a load of that shirt!

9. This might be one of my favorites.

Stylin’ and profilin’!

10. And finally, here’s one without a mask.

The man. The myth. The legend.

This fella is the definition of a fashion plate.

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