Are you ready to meet perhaps the sharpest dressed man you’ve ever seen in your life?

Well, you’re in the right place, ladies and gents!

Meet James Maina Mwangi of Nairobi, Kenya. This fashion plate owns 160 suits, 300 pairs of shoes, and 200 hats…so you know he isn’t messing around in the style department, folks.

Mwangi also color coordinates as well as anyone I’ve ever laid my eyes on and his suits, shoes, hats, AND masks are always in perfect unity.

Are you ready to meet the guy who should be the inspiration for all of us when we leave the house? Let’s get started!

1.Is this guy sharp, or what?

Green looks mighty fine on him.

2. Check out those boots!

Man, this guy is cool…

3. Taking some risks with this outfit.

But succeeding in a major way.

4. About to hit the town.

While social distancing, of course…

5. I’m guessing this pic was taken around Halloween?

That’s just a hunch…

6. Hey 0! White lightning!

This guy never fails to impress us.

7. You can catch me on the corner.

And I’ll be dressed to the nines.

8. Pulling off pink in a major way.

You gotta love this get-up!

9. A bit more old-fashioned, but we’re here for it.

Always lookin’ good!

10. A bold move, my good sir.

And we salute you for it!

11. The boots and the hat are on point.

He’s a real fashion plate!

Is this guy stylin’, or what…?

Now it’s your turn!

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Thanks a lot!