What do you think is the most glaring example of instant karma that you’ve ever seen in your whole life?

Go ahead and think about it for a minute…I have some time…

I bet that felt good, didn’t it? And it made you smile when that memory came flooding back into your brain?

Of course, it did! Because seeing someone get what they deserve if they’ve been a creep, a jerk, a d*ck, or a total *sshole always feels great!

So, in the spirit of people getting theirs, let’s enjoy these photos of folks getting some instant karma.

1. You’re not getting that job, buddy!

This is what happens when you’re not nice to people.

I love Karma 😌
byu/About137Ninjas ininstantkarma

2. A very expensive mistake.

Welp, that’s what you get.

Firefighters had to smash the window of this illegally parked vehicle on my street.
byu/snips4444 ininstantkarma

3. That kind of backfired, huh?

I’m sure this made the parade even better.

Police in Turkey try to stop Pride parade with water cannons, accidentally creates rainbows
byu/abaybas inpics

4. Don’t steal food!

Or something like this might happen to you.

Well someone at my work is gonna have a shit time.
byu/xzys infunny

5. This was a welcome sight.

Well, that’s pretty interesting…

Having to deal with LA’s ridiculous parking enforcement daily, this was a welcome sight.
byu/elvijar007 inJusticePorn

6. The thieving hitchhiker.

Crime doesn’t pay! Ever!

Yep, karma is a bitch. Especially that instant kind.
byu/caraeeezy infunny

7. Eat my dust!

Drama out on the water.

These idiots tried to knock me off my kayak and laughed. This is what they were upto when I got back to the beach..karma is a bitch!
byu/iShitSkittles infunny

8. That’s not alcohol, sweetie.

Sounds really gross…

Karma’s a bitch, local nightclub has the laugh laugh over stupid patron! [FB]
byu/prawza infunny

9. We all have to sit in traffic sometimes.

No shortcuts there!

Brand new Jaguar driver believes he’s too important to sit in traffic. Insta-karma smackdown.
byu/Reyali infunny

10. Don’t park in my space.

Or else something bad might happen…

Someone parked in my designated parking space and received a different kind of karma.
byu/futbolbrasil infunny

11. I bet those workers were livid.

What a jerk.

12. Well, maybe not so much…

This comment came back to haunt them.

Trucks are taking over the icy roads
by ininstantkarma

How about you?

What’s the best example of instant karma that you’ve ever seen in your life?

Please tell us your stories in the comments. Thanks a lot!