Let’s travel back in time, shall we?

To a time when Millennials were younger and they had the world by the cajones.

You really thought you knew it all, didn’t you?

AND you thought that nothing you were doing at the time would come back to embarrass you.

That was determined to be a lie! And we have some really solid evidence that we’re going to examine today to get to the bottom of this.

Take a look at these posts about the things that Millennials used to do that are honestly pretty embarrassing these days.

1. It was a pretty rough time.

We’re talking about hours and hours of work.

2. Do you remember?

How could you forget?!?!

3. Those really didn’t age well.

Looks like you’re wearing snow boots.

4. These are both very good examples.

You did this, didn’t you? Don’t lie…


5. That was a real skill back then.

Tricky fingers going on in the pockets.

6. Looks like something from another era.

Feeling old yet?

This Is What Facebook on Mobile Looked like 12 Years Ago
byu/SillyActuary innostalgia

7. Really used to weigh you down.

And then you had to alternate between the two…

8. What a time to be alive.

All about those radical adventures.


9. All the good times are gone.

What was your ring tone?

10. This is pretty wild.

You did this, didn’t you?

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

11. Think about how much time you spent/wasted working on projects like this.

It was a wild time!

Do you have any cringeworthy memories from when you were younger?

If so, please share them with us in the comments.

Please and thank you!