Are you clumsy? One of those people who can “trip over air” and humiliate yourself in public?

Don’t feel too bad about it! It happens to a lot of us. And I mean A LOT.

Just yesterday I was walking in a store, wasn’t paying attention and bumped into someone and dropped all the stuff I was holding. Boy, was I red in the face!

Be careful out there!

1. What’s this from?

2. That’s what I’m talking about.

3. Usually something very colorful.

4. You’re very skilled.

5. No need to remind me.

6. Soulmates.

7. You’re in big trouble.

8. This guy doesn’t need to worry about it.

9. No point, really.

10. Stick to the loving.

11. In your sleep.

12. Beware of the stairs.

13. You could do it…maybe…

14. Quite a sight.

15. Time to come clean.

Sound off with your own personal tales of humiliation as a result of being clumsy. Let’s keep the laughs rolling!