To the ladies out there: if you’ve been pregnant before, what was your experience like?

It’s obviously different for every woman, but there are definitely some similarities that you share during the process.

I have a feeling that if you’ve had one child or five, these tweets might look familiar.

1. I think they would be a big hit.

2. What’s up with that?

3. It’s not even dry yet.

4. The sad truth.

5. The magic of it all.

6. She’s kicking!

7. Just do what she says.

8. Can’t bend over anymore.

9. “Took way too long.”

10. Sounds awesome!

11. DO IT!

12. She knows. She knows…

13. Makes a lot of sense.

14. That’s a great visual.

15. You will now live in the bathroom.

Heard any good pregnancy jokes lately?

Let’s hear them in the comments!