Coming up with a solid bio for yourself on Tinder can be tough.

You want to make yourself sound cool and you want to pick the best photos of yourself to make yourself seem attractive to potential dates.

But sometimes the best way to reel ’em in is through humor…whether it’s intentional or not.

If you’re looking to boost your dating profile bio, maybe these folks will give you some fresh ideas.

1. Do you know how to read?

Finally, a bio I can relate to!

Photo Credit: Tinder

2. This is a solid life plan.

She has it all worked out.

Photo Credit: Tinder

3. Time to collect the whole set!

At least you have a good attitude about it!

Photo Credit: Tinder

4. He’s been scarred for life.

We’re sorry about this…

Photo Credit: Tinder

5. She’s from the future!

It kind of sounds like The Terminator.

Photo Credit: Tinder

6. She seems like a real catch!

Go for it, fellas!

Photo Credit: Tinder

7. Life has been a bit rough.

But at least she’s being honest.

Photo Credit: Tinder

8. She’s right about this.

Does every girl out there live on the top of a mountain?

Photo Credit: Tinder

9. Come back here!

I think he blew it…

Photo Credit: Tinder

10. Need some help moving.

And then you’re out of here.

Photo Credit: Tinder

11. I think something was lost in translation.

Nice try, though.

Photo Credit: Tinder

12. Those questions sound familiar.

Are you sure you’re not only hanging out with bots?

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Okay, now it’s your turn!

In the comments, tell us about the funniest and weirdest Tinder bios you’ve seen.

Thanks a lot, friends!