Ha ha ha ha ha…

That was an evil laugh, just fyi.

Do you have what might be considered a sick sense of humor? Maybe you’re just a little twisted in the head and you laugh at the most inappropriate things?

Then these posts are for you, my fellow sickos!


1. Mess with their heads.

2. Wow, that’s dark.

3. Parroting you.

4. Doesn’t seem to be working…

5. Let me think about it.

6. Still being polite.

7. Shhhhhh!

8. Trailblazers.

9. A very rare episode.

10. Really desperate.

11. Zinger!

12. Roger was a good man.

13. Ready to snap.

14. Probably not a good idea.

15. Thinking ahead.

You twisted son of a gun, you…

Do you have any good, sick jokes or posts you can share with us?

Let’s see them in the comments, please!