Take my money! Just take it!

I’ll be honest, I have a tendency to spend my money on stupid things. For example, I recently just ordered a 5-pack of headlamps from Amazon. A 5-PACK. Even I recognize that headlamps don’t need to be sold in a 5-pack, and I bought the 5-pack!

Though I guess you never know when you and your friends will get stuck in a cave…or something.

Do you do this, too? If so, these tweets will speak to your soul.

1. Ask and you shall receive.

2. This was necessary.

3. That makes sense.

4. You have your priorities.

5. Don’t do it!

6. Seriously…

7. Just keep it to yourself.

8. Why not?

9. The big time.

10. I’d like to forget it.

11. That’s an essential.

12. That’s not a good feeling.

13. You did your best!

Do us a favor: in the comments, tell us the last really dumb thing you spent your money on. Let’s see if we can out-do each other!