Do you have any really strong opinions about food that might cause people to argue and debate with you?

I have one: I like to eat salami rolled up with cream cheese inside. I’ve caught a lot of flack for that for some reason…

Let’s begin!

1. Cereal killer.

2. You might cause a riot.

3. Okay, that’s weird.

4. There’s something wrong with you.

5. I’m gonna be sick.

6. I’m not on your side.

7. I can go either way on this one…

8. Whoa! Fightin’ words!

9. Many would disagree.

10. Interesting…

11. Bone-in, please.

12. I agree with the spaghetti part…

13. Are you from Europe?

14. You may leave now, sir.

15. So you just don’t like food…?

Readers, let us know your unpopular food opinions in the comments.

Let the debates begin!