When you think the chips are down and you’re having a bad day, just remember that it can always get worse.

A lot worse. And then you get discouraged and things REALLY get ugly.

Ugh. No good!

And I think we can all agree that these people are NOT having great days.

So let’s see what unfortunate events these people have found themselves in lately…and say a little prayer for them, won’t you?

1. Maybe you should’ve shut that window…

Just saying…

2. Not a good way to start your career.

You’ll be typecast forever!

My friend works as an extra in movies and does stock photography…. just saw him pictured as a sex offender on a bus in Florida from Wellthatsucks

3. Nothing to worry about.

Oh, wait a second…

It’s just a little ice, it’s fine. from Wellthatsucks

4. Wanna eat lunch?

You better double and triple-check that bag.

I cleaned the cat’s litter box and brought the bag with me to throw away in my outdoor trash can on the way to work. I also brought my lunch. Guess which one got thrown away and which one came to work with me. from Wellthatsucks

5. Dammit! Hate when that happens.

It was there the whole time.

Lost my wallet 3 days ago, finally ordered new cards and then… from Wellthatsucks

6. You now have a guest for lunch.

Try telling that beast to move.

Hiked two hours to set up a picnic, returned to this from Wellthatsucks

7. You should probably get a new one.

I’m not a dentist or anything, but…

Was confused when it didn’t sound like it hit the floor from Wellthatsucks

8. You’ll be very popular on the highway.

Dick 24/7!

9. That’s gonna take a while.

Good luck in there!

I need a file lost in this room from pics

10. A bad printer accident.

Sorry, but that is not a good look.

The printer exploded… from Wellthatsucks

11. How the hell did that happen?

Ugh…not cool.

I have lost one piece of this 2000 pieces puzzle from Wellthatsucks

12. Put that anywhere!

Did the valet do this?

This happened to my car today! from Wellthatsucks

13. That looks very painful.

Hopefully, you can see the light again very soon.

Guess who’s severely allergic to hair dye? This girl! from Wellthatsucks

14. Flood damage.

That really sucks. I hope you have flood insurance…

Was having Valentine’s Day dinner when I went downstairs to check on why the heat wasn’t working. Found 4 feet of water covering the entire basement. from Wellthatsucks

Have you had any bad days lately that bordered on the funny or ridiculous?

If so, please tell us about them in the comments.

We can’t wait to hear from all of you!