Things that are never a good idea: drinking too many Zimas, asking women you don’t know if they’re pregnant, trying to strike up a conversation at any public urinal, and, this is an important one…humble bragging.

People who do it think they are being modest, but it just comes off as so desperate.

And you know what I’m talking about, especially if you’re on social media. They’re everywhere and they’re multiplying!

Do you want to see some prime examples of humble bragging?

Keep on reading…

1. We feel so bad for you!

Do you think you’re gonna get over this?

These people are cancer
by inhumblebrag

2. You are clearly very classy.

Not to mention humble!

She made up a story in order to flex
byu/Sauron3106 inhumblebrag

3. Poor fella…

I hope he can figure this out.

Petition to make this the sub icon
byu/Jesserwo inhumblebrag

4. My three-year-old actually already works for NASA.

So take that!

I laughed more than i should’ve
byu/tamziwamzi inhumblebrag

5. He’s going hungry.

Hang in there! You’re gonna make it!

$4000 a day? How will he eat?
byu/Pardusco inhumblebrag

6. Hahaha. I love this response.

No one is buying your story!

Ah Yes
byu/Random_Asian_314 inhumblebrag

7. This is amazing.

People never cease to blow my mind.

What she said: Happy Mother’s Day, ugly!
byu/CinnamonGirl94 inhumblebrag

8. Such a great picture of that little kid!

You can even see a little part of her in this pic!

Loves his niece
byu/minor_moods inhumblebrag

9. You are now a commoner.

You have it pretty tough, no doubt about it.

[deleted by user]
by inhumblebrag

10. I love the placement of those statues.

They just happened to be there, right?

Just reporting the news…. Nothing else…
byu/TheErikJL inhumblebrag

11. Wasn’t meant to be a flex.

Totally clueless, apparently.

He wasn’t event trying to flex, guys. He’s just that rich 😔
byu/believeinmymask inhumblebrag

12. Pretty much the perfect response.

I think you nailed it!

Very pretty girl BTW
byu/kracykutekorean inhumblebrag

How about you?

What’s the worst example of humble bragging that you’ve ever seen?

Was it in person or on social media?

Talk to us in the comments! Thanks!