Oh, marriage…it’s lovely, isn’t it?

The love, the passion, the romance…the getting yelled at to clean up your clothes all over the bedroom floor…

You know – the good stuff! Here are some very funny and very accurate tweets from husbands who have been there and done that.

1. You’re gonna need to back off.

2. A real tragedy.

3. You’re the champ!

4. Here we are.

5. Isn’t that nice!

6. You can’t win.

7. Moments of terror.

8. Those are too good for you.


9. Can’t get out of that one.

10. One of life’s mysteries.

11. This guy is a real cut-up.

12. What were you thinking?

13. Think the kids will notice?

14. I’m gonna need this in writing.

15. A whole new man.

If you’re married, we want to hear from you!

Tell us something hilarious/embarrassing/ridiculous/annoying that your spouse did that you can’t get off your mind.