When I was growing up, all five of us kids and our parents piled into the family van and drove from Illinois to Florida once a year. That’s seven people in a van for more than twenty hours in the dead of summer.

Let’s just say things got heated. I’m still shocked that our mom and dad didn’t leave all five of us at a rest stop in the middle of nowhere and just go on vacation by themselves.

But, they bit the bullet every summer and powered through it.

If you’ve traveled with kids, these tweets might bring up some painful (and hilarious memories)…

Let’s take a look.

1. For days on end…

2. No kids for you.

3. It’s the best!

4. Scare tactics.


5. Doesn’t seem fair, does it?

6. Back of the line.

7. About to have a meltdown.


8. This teddy bear is about to end up in a ditch.

9. What’s the point?

10. Burned to a crisp.

11. All of the above.

12. LIES.

13. Gonna be a great trip!

14. Sounds amazing.


15. That’s the spirit!

Do you have any funny family vacation memories?

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