Hilarious Tweets About the Trials and Tribulations of Potty Training

(C)Wikimedia Commons


Potty training: it can break the will of the strongest of parents, pushing them to their absolute limits.

Have you been there? Maybe you’ve even been there multiple times?

If so, these tweets might bring back some painful memories…

1. Oh, no!

2. Proud of you.

3. We all need a theme song.

4. Might be in your 20s…

5. Vicious cycle.

6. You made it!

7. Isn’t this great?

8. I think a lot of parents feel this way.

9. Let’s do it in order.

10. Going great!

11. Break out the pee socks.

12. Just do it!

13. Treat yourself.

14. That’s kind of weird.

15. Who’s in charge here?

Wooo! That sure was a rollercoaster ride, wasn’t it?!?!

Tell us about your own potty training tales in the comments!