Whenever you break up with someone or you get dumped, you know what comes next…a lot of trash talking!

And these people are PISSED. So, naturally, they needed to vent on Twitter about their breakups.

Which is good news for us! Because we’re on the outside looking in!

Let’s get knee-deep in this drama!

1. That’s not really helping you.

2. Beware of the trash.

3. I thought that was you!

4. Zing!

5. Get this person off my back.

6. Hahahaha.

7. I might need more than that.

8. The big meeting.

9. Sandy wasn’t messing around.

10. Poor lady…

11. My mom is not on your side.

12. A dangerous game.

13. I know it’s this month…

14. Think about that…

15. The power and the glory.

As the saying goes, breaking up is hard to do.

Boy, that was a doozy!