Have you noticed that there’s a graduation for everything now? And every grade? If I remember correctly, I think I had an eighth-grade graduation, and then I graduated from high school (barely).

Nowadays, judging by social media, every single grade has an elaborate ceremony with all kinds of pageantry. What is going on?

I think you know what I’m talking about…let’s get to the jokes!

1. How dumb…wait a second.

2. It’s about time.

3. Doesn’t bother me at all…

4. A little underdressed.

5. Ouch…

6. You got served.

7. Just like that.

8. Didn’t go as planned.

9. Hope you have deep pockets.


10. I like the last option.

11. This is hilarious.

12. Ninety minutes?

13. Gonna be intense.

14. Wait, they get presents?


15. This tweet sums it up.

If you have any funny memories or stories from your kids’ graduations, share them with us in the comments!