If you’re like 99% of the population out there, you’ve probably sent some text messages in your life that you wish you could take back.

But hey, the chances are pretty good that your texts didn’t end up on the hilarious “Texts From Last Night” Instagram page…because that’s when you know that you’ve really screwed up.

But these folks weren’t so lucky. But hey, at least we get to laugh at them, and that’s definitely a bright spot…for us…

Enjoy these texts that people probably wish they could take back…

1. That was a little rough.

But…maybe you had it coming.


2. I hope she remembers you…

You did a good deed.


3. We all do this sometimes.

Hey, don’t feel bad about it!


4. This takes a lot of…guts.

Might as well knock it out with one shot.


5. Katie is the honest woman we need right now.

Thank you, Katie…


6. Sounds like a wild night.

I’m sorry I missed out on it!


7. You’re setting a great example.

We tip our hats to you!


8. Don’t compare me to a wall!

I resent that remark!


9. Ouch…not messing around here.

Now, tell us what you did to deserve this.


10. You gotta get the name right, bro.

Nice effort, though.


11. This could really go either way.

Good luck out there…and be careful…


12. Speaking the truth.

And the truth hurts, doesn’t it?


How about you?

Have you sent any cringeworthy texts lately that you regret? Or maybe you’ve received some real whoppers?

If so, tell us about them in the comments. Thanks!