It’s kind of hard to imagine a world without text messaging, isn’t it?

I have one friend who likes to buck the system and he refuses to get texting on his phone, but every single other person I know has the ability to send text messages.

With that many people sending messages out into the world, there’s bound to be a ton of ridiculous, embarrassing, and hilarious moments for us to enjoy.

And here are a bunch! Let’s take a look.

1. That didn’t end well.

Nice try though, Frankie…you did your best.

2. It’s going to be a glorious decade!

Get ready for it!

3. That sounds very awkward.

Let’s talk about your daughter…

4. That’s what friends are for.

Come on over, I’ll be here for you…

5. You should have waited for a response.

But what’s done is done.

6. You made a terrible choice.

And you’ll never be the same ever again.

7. You gotta do it the right way.

These are words to live by.

8. That problem was not washed away.

Oh, and we need to talk.

9. Hahahaha. This is great.

I wonder if she learned a lesson.

10. You are really classin’ it up!

Keep up the great work!

11. At least this person is being very honest.

Germans are…not know for their humor so much…

12. You earned it.

Here’s to a job well done!

13. This is a real tragedy.

We are sorry for your loss.

Okay, it’s confession time…

Have you sent any texts or received any that really made you cringe?

If so, please tell us about them in the comments. We won’t make fun of you…too much. Thanks!