Seeing great examples of hilarious Photoshopped pictures is so satisfying for some reason.

You get to see reality tweaked in a way that looks totally foreign and the results are usually absurd and hilarious.

Here are some great examples!

1. Best buddies!

PsBattle: Man holding fish while bear stands behind him
byu/sweet-101 inphotoshopbattles

2. A classic piece of art.

PsBattle: This cunning duckling
by inphotoshopbattles

girl with a pearl earring

3. I’m a big fan of this one.

PsBattle: This Dad and Son cat
by inphotoshopbattles

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4. There goes Mario!

PsBattle: These micro-mushrooms on a leaf
byu/Ejeb inphotoshopbattles

5. Look at that smirk.

PsBattle: This smirking dog.
byu/reva_r inphotoshopbattles

6. Trying to finally solve the cube.

PsBattle: This fishing leopard
byu/sensitron inphotoshopbattles

7. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

PsBattle: A hawk staring at the camera
byu/pinpinbo inphotoshopbattles

8. Hunter S. Thompson wants to give you a ride.

PsBattle: This big dog in a sink
byu/ItsJellyJosh inphotoshopbattles

Let’s give the boy a lift.

9. Didn’t need to see that.

PsBattle: Dwayne Wade falling into Chrissy Teigen and John Legend
byu/bryansm1208 inphotoshopbattles

10. Jump around.

PsBattle: Kitten in midair
byu/Scaulbylausis inphotoshopbattles

We know you have some great Photoshops that you’ve done yourself.

Share them in the comments for all to enjoy!