It’s natural to look at the people around us and wonder what they’ll look like when they’re older. And since we live in a culture where many of us see celebrities’ faces more often than we see our own family members, it’s become normal to wonder what celebs will look like decades from now, too. Previously, if you wanted to actually see what a movie star would look like as an oldster, you had to wait ’til they were cast in a film that involved unconvincing old-age makeup. In other words, it was a mystery.

But not anymore! Recently, the FaceApp photo-editing application went viral with its new “Old Age Filter,” which makes a person convincingly look decades older. Which is cool! Until people realized that FaceApp is not only allowed to keep your photos on their servers, it also has a broad license to use them. Which isn’t cool! Or, maybe people’s concerns are overblown. Which, who knows!

Either way, you probably shouldn’t give your photos to FaceApp. But the app still works perfectly well on public images of celebrities! And so, here are 15 aged-up stars you can look at, guilt free!


1. LeBron James

2. Gordon Ramsay


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Me doing a demo on #MasterChef Season 50….

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3. The Jonas Brothers Grandfathers


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When you take a trip to the Year 3000.

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4. Hilary Duff


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Ol Grammy in her cap 2052 baby

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5. Mindy Kaling


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Equal parts hilarious and terrifying

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6. Busy Phillips


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I mean…probs?‍♀️

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7. Adam Scott


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I knew I’d regret this

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8. James Marsden


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Sorry it’s been a while since I last posted.#faceapp

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9. Dwayne Wade


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???‍♂️ Grandpa Wade huh

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10. Ludacris & Tyrese


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Fast & Furious 50 ??? and we still haven’t stopped at a gas station. Or for Diapers. ??

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11. Drake


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Best caption wins ovo tickets

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12. Courteney Cox


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I probably won’t wear my hair like this…. ??

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13. Terry Crews


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OLD TERRY CAN STILL KICK SOME ASS! ? I did that face app thing y’all been TELLIN ME TO DO! #AmericasGotTerry #AGT

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15. Snooki & JWoww


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Jwoww & Coco

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h/t: Buzzfeed