I love dogs. If I have the choice of spending the day with a dog or a human being, let’s just say it’s not even close. I’m going with a dog all day, every day!

If you clicked on this link, I have a feeling you feel the same way.

Let’s take a look at 15 of the best dog tweets from 2019.

1. Now it’s your turn!

2. Little helper.

3. You gave it a good shot!

4. The look of love.

5. This is amazing.

6. Joke’s on you.

7. Wasn’t prepared for that.

8. That is uncanny.

9. Might be the dog tweet of the year.

10. Back to bed for me.

11. I’m here to help.

12. A beautiful moment.

13. Well, that’s rude.

14. That is very cute.

15. She can barely contain herself.

Do you have some nice pics of your pooches?

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