15 Funny One-Star Movie Reviews From Amazon



There’s nothing quite like an armchair film critic, is there?

Especially now that every single person on the planet can review every single thing on the planet whenever they feel like it. But that leaves us with a whole bunch of hilarious one-star movie reviews from very unsatisfied customers.

Here are some reviews that will probably leave you laughing.

1. That’s a good point.

2. Didn’t even watch the whole thing.

3. Not women, but children.

4. Damn liberal propaganda.

5. Neil Armstrong definitely saw aliens, so I don’t why they left them out in the movie.

6. Not a fan of guys in tights.

7. Those poor criminals.

8. The movie came out in 1939.

9. Maybe he was lying?

10. Cold is a way better title.

11. Hahahaha. This is good.

12. I think he rented the wrong movie.

13. Sounds like a loving parent.

14. By the way, it’s not a documentary.

15. And then there’s this classic review.

Those are priceless!

Have you seen any hilarious movie reviews lately? If so, tell us about them in the comments!