Even casual fans of The Simpsons probably know by now that one of the running gags of the show is in the intro where Bart writes a different phrase on the chalkboard during detention during EVERY SINGLE EPISODE.

The show is in its 31st season, so you can do the math and figure out that Bart has written A TON of messages on that board.

And we’re here to show you a bunch of funny ones from the history of the show.

Are you ready to have some fun?

Eat my shorts, man!

1. Bart’s at it again!

You really shouldn’t fake rabies…

Photo Credit: Fox

2. He thought he could, though.

Or, at least that’s what he said.

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3. A little young to be drinkin’.

He probably stole it from Homer.

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4. Doesn’t taste like chicken.

The ONE thing that doesn’t taste like chicken.

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5. Marge would never cheat on Homer.

No way. Never!

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6. Oh, yes he will.

Dammit, Bart! What did I say?

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7. Love that script.

Bart has good penmanship.

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8. A big mistake.

What were you thinking, Mr. Simpson?

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9. Too late for that.

Wayyyyy too late.

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10. Now it’s Homer’s turn.

How many times has he strangled Bart over the years? Way too many to count.

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11. You little thief.

He’s definitely a juvenile delinquent.

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12. It’s not called Assbook.

But maybe someday. You never know…

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13. Open up your eyes!

You’re missing all the good stuff!

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14. That’s a cool one.

Getting very creative.

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15. I know exactly what Bart is referring to here.

Do you?

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