Any time a product is advertised as “convenient,” you should be wary. You’ve seen these products on late-night infomercials, in airplane catalogs, on the Internet, and maybe in certain stores. Usually, they claim to either do something that another perfectly good product already does, like the Buttoneer, or they claim to make an already easy process even easier. Like the Pasta Boat.

Sometimes these products actually do deliver on their promises, but more often they’re just a scam. As a consumer, it can be frustrating and exhausting trying to tell the difference. So that’s why self-described “Entrepreneur and Product Designer” Matt Benedetto created Unnecessary Inventions, a line of products that are are intentionally useless.

Here are 15 of Benedetto’s most ludicrous creations. They’re not for sale, nor should they be. If you’ve ever rolled your eyes at a TV pitchman screaming about the latest “As Seen on TV” nonsense, you’ll enjoy these stinkers. (via Bored Panda.)


1. The Infinity Saucelet

2. The One Can Garbage Can: fits one and only one can

3. Flop Flips: flip flops with reverse footprints to throw off pursuers

4. Smellmet: the odor blocking helmet

5. The Reality Check 5000: see who’s not following you on social media

6. StubStoppers: protection for your big toes

7. FingerTrack: the treadmill for your fingers

8. The CargoMAX: turn any pant into cargo pants

9. Cuisine Curtain: for maximum mealtime privacy

10. Avocado on a Stick: the portable snack for millennials

11. BurriTrough: for hands-free burrito eating

12. Hoverbrella: the drone-powered umbrella

13. The “Do Not Paint” Paint Roller

14. Airstick combination ear buds/chopsticks

15. Finger Beanies fingertip warmers

h/t: Bored Panda