When a man gets a vasectomy, it’s usually not something the whole world knows about. It can be a difficult decision, because it’s so final. Just a brief medial procedure, and you can’t have children for the rest of your life. A guy might be apprehensive about his vasectomy, or he might be at peace with it, but afterwards he’s probably not going to be in the mood to celebrate.

But maybe that’s because there haven’t been any vasectomy-appropriate celebration options. Or at least there haven’t been…until now! That’s right, these days a new trend has emerged in the baking world. They’re called “vasectomy cakes,” and they’re a lighthearted way to congratulate a guy for getting the Big Snip.

Recently, when Kimberly Hemperly threw her husband a vasectomy party, this was the cake she bought:

Her photos went viral, but there were some who questioned whether it was insensitive, but Kimberly doesn’t think so. I would say the majority of people have found the humor in what I did, and that’s what I was going for,” she told Popsugar. I just wanted to show my husband some support for doing something so selfless and caring for his wife.”

In that spirit, here are 15 more vasectomy cakes that made a tough procedure way more fun.


1. A cut above the rest.


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2. Everybody out. The pool is closed.

3. Mr. Peanut just made Mrs. Peanut very happy.

4. Baller.

5. Short ‘n’ sweet.


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6. Pour one out for your homies.

7. You’re a poet and you don’t even know it.

8. A touch of class, a touch of sophistication.

9. Not all vasectomy cakes are the same. There’s a vas deferens in quality.

10. When life gives you a lemon…

11. Hello, sailor.

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12. A different take on the concept. Nice!

13. Pretty sure that’s the first time the folks at Mrs. Fields ever wrote “scrotum” on a cake.

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14. Is this one too far? Where do we draw the line?

15. Oh, here. We draw the line here. Glad that’s settled.


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