When people decide to combine their lives, it’s always going to lead to friction. Because these are two completely separate individuals. Each person has their own quirks, beliefs, opinions, tastes, values, habits, and needs. No matter how compatible two people are, there are still dozens of things that could potentially divide them.

When you add up all these differences, marriage almost shouldn’t work. But that’s how powerful love is–it inspires us to work through it, whatever “it” is. Working through it isn’t easy, but one thing that makes it easier is having a sense of humor. In that spirit, here are 15 Tweets from people who are somehow, some way, making it work. (via Bored Panda)


1. A spouse is a firsthand witness to your endless stupidity.

2. You can either be cool or married,  not both.

3. Ohhhh. So that’s what “green” means.

4. You no longer have individual brains, just one shared brain.

5. The sports fan and the non-sports fan.

6. Your deal breakers are your deal breakers.

7. Same for me, but with my iPhone.

8. Kids < Lumber

9. But what if our guests want to see where we keep the Christmas tree in April?!

10. Every day is a new defeat.

11. Sex isn’t quite so sexy.

12. Netflix and Zzzzzzzzzz

13. A spouse is your own personal wardrobe consultant.

14. Starvation is always possible.

15. Happy anniversary!



h/t: Bored Panda