Any time you get down about the human species, remember that there are potential heroes all around us. Pretty regularly, ordinary people get thrust into difficult situations and manage to overcome them. It’s just that usually they’re not already dressed like a hero from a Disney movie when it happens.

This week, a police van in Boston ran into trouble outside a bar when it got stuck in a snow bank outside the South End’s Gallows Pub. As the van’s wheels spun helplessly, bar patrons looked on, equally helpless.

That’s when Elsa stepped in. Or, more accurately, a 37-year-old attorney in an Elsa costume.

Someone inside the bar recorded the video, and honestly it’s tough not to enjoy the sight of a Disney princess struggling through a common winter situation. And the fact that it’s Elsa makes it even better.

Who is this mysterious hero? Thirty-seven-year-old attorney Jason Triplett. And the reason he was wearing an Elsa outfit in the first place reiterates his commitment to thinking of others. Boston was just hit by its third nor’easter in the last two weeks. The city has been buried under the snow, and Triplett thought wearing his costume would cheer up his fellow bargoers.

When asked about his good deed and the resulting viral video fame, Triplett was humble. “Everyone will be over it by noon,” Triplett told People. “But if this is my 15 minutes, I would like to leverage it to meet Adam Rippon.”

Honestly, if he wanted to brag a little, I wouldn’t blame him. Elsa might not be bothered by the cold, but Triplett is a mere mortal. Anyone who’s willing to brave the freezing weather to help their fellow humans while wearing only a princess costume is a hero in my book.

People across social media felt the same way.

Maybe Mr. Triplett’s act of selflessness will inspire us to rise to the occasion ourselves. Or maybe this will just inspire us to dress up as Disney princesses on a regular basis. Either way, we all win.


h/t: Huffington Post