If you’re a gentleman who’s into fantasy horse-like creatures, like unicorns and Pegasuses, (Pegasi?), there’s never been a better time to be alive than the 2010’s. First there was the emergence of Bronies, a subculture of men who enthusiastically enjoy My Little Ponies. Then, just a few years later, there was the invention of the “Manicorn” look, a makeup style that lets you turn your beard into a whimsical, rainbow-colored delight.

Cruelty free makeup tutorial expert and beauty blogger Kristen Leanne is credited with inventing the Manicorn. In an Instagram post, she demonstrated how to make it on her very patient and supportive boyfriend, Ryan Morgan. Using three shades of Pop Beauty’s Lashy Fashion Mascara–Tantalizing Teal, Blue Bloom, and Purple Passion–Kristen transformed Ryan’s already formidable beard into a majestic look any Brony would be proud of.

Photo Credit: Kristen Lynne

And thus, the Manicorn was born.

After Leanne’s post went viral, other women were eager to use their guys’ beards as a canvas to create a unicorn-themed masterpiece.

Photo Credit: @livhamster

Other guys were eager to show their true colors and try their own variations. Like this fellow, who, honestly, missed an opportunity by not coloring in his pony tail.

Photo Credit: @paulfrancis81

Any amount of facial hair is suitable for a Manicorn. (Although we couldn’t find a mustache Manicorn…yet.)

Photo Credit: @spinning_curls

For Dads, there was a variation on the Manicorn called “The Daddycorn.” (Careful Googling that. Your results will be VERY different. Trust me.)

Photo Credit: @thepaternitytest

Instagrammer @therainbowbeard was ahead of the curve and painted his mohawk, too.

Photo Credit: @therainbowbeard

But what if you’re a gentleman who wants a fancy beard, just not a Manicorn? You have options. Like a glitter beard.

Photo Credit: @glitterbeards

All that glitters isn’t gold–but this beard definitely is.

Photo Credit: @glitterbeards

Gary Glitter never made beard-care products, but if he had, this is what it would look like:

Photo Credit: @glitterbeards

Finally we know what it would look like if Liberace fought in the Civil War.

Photo Credit: @glitterbeards

Now, let’s say you still want to spruce up your chin carpet, but you don’t want to dye it or stick a bunch of glitter in it. Why not try a flower beard?


Photo Credit: Diply

This floral beard would go perfectly with a man who has a beard of bees!

Photo Credit: @fashionize.mi

And then there was this guy…

Photo Credit: @charissalizardqueen

Elton John took one look at him and said, “I’m going to start shopping at Brooks Brothers.”

But anyway, fellas, it’s time to face facts: regular old beards just aren’t going to cut it any longer. If you don’t glam up your beard, you might as well shave it off.



h/t: Diply