Ahhhh, the drinking life. There’s nothing better, is there? Well, there is, but it sure can be fun to let loose and go on a little bender once in a while!

Here are some very entertaining tweets about boozin’ that I think you’re going to enjoy thoroughly.

Bottoms up!

1. Not yet in training.


2. Uh oh. Blew that one.

3. It’s good to be prepared.

4. It’s called recycling.

5. Let’s start from the beginning.

6. Most likely the case…

7. You did it!

8. Might want to get that checked out.

9. The future’s so bright…

10. That’s how I look at it!


11. This is gonna be a team effort.

12. A wine connoisseur.

13. The man was very wise.

14. Who am I?

15. That’s okay, though.


You a booze-hound?

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