What’s the absolute best tweet you’ve ever seen in your life? One that made you say to yourself, “Damn, why didn’t I come with that? Genius!”

That’s how strongly people feel about the tweets below. This is the question that kicked off the festivities, from a little company you might’ve heard of called Twitter.


Enjoy these, because they are pretty epic.

1. He nailed it.

2. Moon’s haunted.

3. For Harry.

4. 50 Cent is pretty funny.


5. Burn and another burn.

6. I think this might be the winner…

7. Not sure what’s going on here, but people seem to like it.

8. Seems like NASA material.


9. Ain’t no invite.

10. That cat is not messing around.

What’s your favorite tweet you’ve ever seen?

Share it in the comments, please!