The Great American Road Trip. It’s a rite of passage in this great country, whether you’re driving only a few hours or you’re driving across the entire continent.

I’ve been on some road trips in my day, some great, some…not so great (Kansas City to Dallas, 1998, I’m still not over it).

Anyway, here are some funny tweets about that memorable experience that is THE ROAD TRIP.

1. Gonna be a long day.

2. 100% in charge.

3. Things get weird.

4. Mine, too!

5. Did I bring the Twinkies?

6. Never works out, does it?

7. There’s no way they’re lying!

8. Perfectly describes them.

9. Sorry, no can do.

10. Try to go while you’re driving. That’s a skill.

11. Might be dangerous.

12. He’s got it all in his head.

13. You should get to your destination sometime next week.

14. Maybe on the roof?

15. Dad is always the last holdout.

Do you have some good road trip stories?

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