I have a theory: when it comes to men, you either go gray or you go bald. You see very few fellas past their 40s who have a full head of the same color hair they did when they were young.

As for me, like all the men in my family, I started going gray pretty early. Oh well, what can you do…

Let’s get to the bald tweets!

1. That’ll show ’em!

2. A lot of weirdos walking around.

3. Sure…

4. Kids really are adorable.

5. Doing a great job!

6. She’s not feeling it.

7. What’s that I see?

8. I’d like to see that.

9. That’s pretty funny.

10. Grandma and Grandpa.

11. You’re growing up.

12. Very cool!

13. I see it everywhere.

14. Make a wise choice.

15. Is there nothing else?

So which one is it, older guys? Are you going bald or going gray? Or are you one of the a**holes who must just be perfect and touched by the Hand of God?