Funny Tweets About the Hell of Never-Ending Laundry

(C)Unsplash,Sarah Brown


Are you the designated laundry person in your household?

Maybe you’re responsible for yourself, your partner, and the kids?

If so, these tweets will hit you deep down in your soul…because they’re all about the hell that is never-ending laundry.

It’s like a nightmare…like The Blob that will just never stop! It must be destroyed…but how?!?!

Let’s look at the tweets and try to figure out a plan to save the world from all this laundry…

1. Not gonna do it anymore.

2. This is your life now.

3. Make yourself at home.

4. It’s the only thing you’ll know from now on.

5. Listen, Doc…

6. Get the whole family involved.

7. Great…that’s a relief.

8. A little free time before THE END.

9. It’s your lifestyle.

10. You know that’s where it’s going.

11. The laundry is ruining this marriage.

12. Get moving, buddy.

13. Party time!

Okay, you’ve had your fun, now it’s time to get back to the laundry…because you know it’s piling up.

Do you have some serious laundry woes in your household?

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