Enjoy This Great Gallery of Laughing Donkeys

(C)Wikimedia Commons


Hey, they’re called jackasses for a reason, right?

I’m talking about those beloved donkeys.

They like to laugh, they like to have a good time, THEY LIKE TO PARTY.

Let’s take a look at these laughing donkeys because they sure are delightful.

1. What a cut-up!

2. Let me tell you a joke.

3. Some live action for you.

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4. I’ve heard that one before!

5. Two guys walk into a bar…

6. Having a good time.

7. Let’s see those pearly whites!

8. Oh, get outta here!

9. He already knew the punchline.

10. Having a good laugh.

11. Okay, what else you got?

I could look at those donkeys laugh all day!

Do you have any photos of your pets smiling or laughing?

We know some of you out there do!

Please share them with us in the comments!