Working 9 to 5 in an office can be a soul-sucker but there’s always one cool, positive thing on the horizon…the office holiday party.

They usually spin wildly out of control, and you never know what’s gonna happen on that night.

Will Bob from Accounting take off his pants again? Will Judy from Shipping and Receiving spike the eggnog? Will there be any fistfights between different departments?

You just never know!!!

1. That’s never a good thing to hear.

2. We survived…somehow.

3. Prepare yourself.

4. All by yourself.

5. Nice one!

6. Where’d this come from?

7. A perfectly fine excuse.

8. So…

9. Must’ve been one hell of a cake.

10. Standing ovation.

11. Misread the vibe on this one.

12. These are delicious!

13. Much better than a bonus, right?

14. Here we go…

15. Don’t do it!

Have you had any hilarious/ridiculous/amazing/crazy experiences at holiday parties at work?

Share your wild tales in the comments!